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Ginger Cat Purring【VIDEOS】


My little baby boy purring away.
He has over 5 beds
He loves to sleep in this box that he goes to the vet in.
He is a little prince and likes cat milk, cat treats, ham, prawns, chicken and cheese. He always shares a late night snack with his dad and reads the newspaper with him of a morning.
He loves to wake his sister Cani (me) up every morning, right on time like an alarm clock, although there is no snooze button with this one.
His names are Garfield/Garfie/Narny/Hhnars/Mr Pookal/Pooks/Gibbles/Gibbs/Boogles/Harley (Fat Boy)/George/Barny but obviously he only responds to Garfie.
He has an M on his forehead.
He is fluent in cat language and can completely understand English Language but chooses to respond with ear and tail sign language cause he’s playful like that.
He is always in charge.

Hope you enjoyed watching,

‘The Sleepy Prince’

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