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Owl and Cat playing【VIDEOS】

This video is done by Megaxibeca, I just took it and added the Miike Snow “Animal” tune to it… that is all. Hope you enjoy. Compliments go to Megaxibeca and his crew. Please visit the facebook fan page.

Video done by Megaxibeca.

Original video:

FB Fan Page:

Fum & Gebra are a special couple. Fum is a black cat and Gebra is a barn owl. Gebra flies far away but always returns to Fum, its faithful friend.

I like the idea of reincarnated friends. No matter what shape/form they take on in their next life they will always come out to play with each other. Here they are as a black cat and a barn owl (which in of itself also holds special significance—black and owl/ predator). Love and friendship transcends and reaches far and wide across space and time. Very inspirational.

I am not the original creator or video shooter or video editor of this vid.The people responsible for this are mentioned at the end of this video. I simply just put Miike Snow’s “Animal” tune to it.

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