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Tips for polishing your cat’s teeth【The veterinarian teaches】

It is hard for the owner to forcibly brush a tooth brushing cat.
So, please watch this movie and learn how to give a gentle brush to a cat.

Tips for polishing your cat’s teeth

Veterinarian(animal doctor) at animal hospitals in Japan is taking steps to keep the oral health of pets. As part of that, the teacher released a video to lecture on cat’s teeth brushing and teeth checking methods.

The cats that appear are Pokke, a brown white cat!
This teacher is using it is not a toothbrush for children. There are soft tips for pets, so please use it.

· Brush up quickly while cats are stopped!
· Brush the teeth and gums of cats!
· It is not good to brush by brushing in the mouth. Please do not open the mouth of the cat, polish the back teeth like lifting the lips!

If you catch the trick, the cat will cooperate with brushing teeth without disliking.
Pokke who appeared in this shoot, thank you!