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The Persian Cat – Things to Know【VIDEOS】


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Are all cats the same? Absolutely not! There is much more to caring for a cat than setting out food and water, petting it whenever you get a few extra minutes of time and keeping its litter box clean. However, many cat owners believe they know everything they need to know about cats. Some simply follow a few words of advice from people they know or what they learned by past experience. For many, it never crosses their minds to do research on their breed of cat (if they know it).

It’s important to know the specifics of your breed. Some love being around people and get along with other pets just fine. Likewise, some dislike being handled roughly while others don’t mind. Certain breeds demand a great amount of affection while others are content with being alone and quiet for hours. As for feeding them, some can eat low cost generic food while others require a special diet. As cats age, some breeds are prone to developing maladies such as polycystic kidney disease or cataracts. Many need special eye care, dental care, as well as combing or brushing.

How does a Persian fare? Find out in this brief, but concise video. It contains a short descriptive poem, either spoken or written in frames. Each pair of lines (or frame) is preceded by a picture that presents what the stanza is all about.

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Persian cats came to Italy in the late 16th century. It is a typical breed of long hair variety, one of the varieties recognized as a showcat from a long time ago.

Persian ‘s character, which is so popular as being called the king of a cat, is said to have a lot of gentle personality characters, and it is said that there is little to say selfishness.

Besides, it is said that “it is not squealing in a loud voice”, “it is rare to run around the room”, and even its character has become a behavior appropriate for the name of “the king of a cat”.