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How to Wash & Dry a Persian Cat【VIDEOS】

In this video I demonstrate how to wash and dry a Persian cat. My model for this video is GP SMGP Sagesse’s Hide and Seek (Mia), a calico Persian.

The products I used are Goop, Chris Christensen Clean Start Shampoo, CastleBaths Anna Pet Shampoo, CC Spectrum 10 Shampoo, Best Shot UltraMax Conditioner & CC Ice on Ice Coat Spray.

Persian cats came to Italy in the late 16th century. It is a typical breed of long hair variety, one of the varieties recognized as a showcat from a long time ago.

Persian ‘s character, which is so popular as being called the king of a cat, is said to have a lot of gentle personality characters, and it is said that there is little to say selfishness.

Besides, it is said that “it is not squealing in a loud voice”, “it is rare to run around the room”, and even its character has become a behavior appropriate for the name of “the king of a cat”.