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Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat

Scientific name: Felis catus,

Higher classification: Cat,

Rank: Breed,

Origin: Thailand, Myanmar (Burma),

Average Size: 60cm (2ft),

Average Weight: 4.5kg (10lbs),

Average Life Span: 12 years,

Group: Shorthair,

Colour: Brown, Black, Blue, Lilac, Cream, Ginger,

Temperament: Intelligent, friendly and affectionate,

** The Burmese cat is native to the south east Asian countries of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand, but is a very popular cat today and is domestically bred in Europe and across North America.

More info:

Bermès is one of the varieties of cats. There are two types of American Burmese and European Bermès, each with different physical characteristics.

It can be divided into two kinds, American Burmese which features rounded and plump cheeks, European Bermez with a short V-shaped head and round nose, each distinguished as a different cat type There are things.

Both American and European are very friendly and highly adaptable to cats.

Therefore, even if you have a household with a child or an indigenous cat, you will get used to that environment relatively early.

Also called dog cat, companion cat etc. Country of origin was born by breeding with Myanmar, Siam.