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Siamese Cat Breed【VIDEOS】

This distinctive cat sometimes has a reputation for being mean, but are Siamese cats really like the singing twins in the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ cartoon? Find out more about the Siamese breed and what kind of pets they make.

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Siam is a native of Thailand and is a short hair type cat. Its history is said to have an old history as far back as the 1300s.

It is said that there were three kinds of cats in the Kingdom of Thailand, Shi · Sawatt (prototype of Korat), Sparac (prototype of Burmese), Siamese cat, in the Kingdom of Thailand, among them the Siamese cats are the royal family, aristocrats, temples, etc. , It has been treated as a cat that is permitted to keep only in the families of high ranked blood muscles among the Kingdom of Thailand.

Such a character of Shamu cat who was allowed to keep only to the aristocracy is said to be very smart and curious. Even for those who do not know, it seems to be amenable if you can judge it as safe while wary of it at first.

Also, I like people who have a very spoiled personality to their owners and who use toys to play than single player. It may be said that it is far from the image of a common cat named a cat.