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Himalayan Cat (Sunny) Wants to Destroy a Fly【VIDEOS】

So. Much. Fluffiness. For more videos of Sunny, check out my channel:

ABOUT SUNNY’S HAIRCUT: She gets MATS in her amazing fur, which the vet says is painful because it pulls on her skin and also traps dirt and sweat. And no, I can’t just brush her because she FREAKS the hell out if I try to groom her. Other reasons she gets shaved: she gets HOT in warm weather, a shaved coat is easier for her to clean, and it helps her skin breathe since she has sensitive skin/allergies. I do it because I FREAKIN’ ADORE her–not because I want to embarrass her on YouTube.

Let’s quit with the hate now, eh? Send amazing loving thoughts to Sunny!

Himalayan is a type of cat with North America and England as the country of origin. In 1924 it was made by cross breeding of Persia and Siam. It is a kind created by the hand of man.

As a feature, a point color like Sham, such as Persia’s long coat can be cited, but it was extremely difficult to reproduce these, and it took more than ten years indeed.

Due to its efforts, it has become a cat species that is recognized in the United Kingdom in 1955 and in the United States in 1957.

By the way, the origin of the name seems to be named Himalayan, taking part of the name from the fact that the color of the coat and the point color resemble Himalayan rabbit.

Such a character of Himalayan which can be said to be a cat of dream for breeders is very gentle like Persia, and there are many children with obedient character to owner.

Besides, since there are few things to worry too much about people, we sometimes ask you to ride on the owner’s knee or stroke.