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Mochi (Cutest Kitten) and Her Favorite Blanket【VIDEOS】

PLEASE READ HERE BEFORE ASKING: Mochi-chan, about 2 weeks old, wrapped in her favorite blanket and is working on strengthening her body and senses. Shaking is natural at this stage, her feet are not strong yet. Mochi is being handled with the utmost care and gentleness. No harm is done to lil’ Mochi.

Mochi is named after a Japanese rice cake (google it).
Earnings from Revenue Sharing (aka clicks on ads) will go to feeding and taking care of street cats. Please spread this video around.

Mochi’s life story:
Mochi was found on the floor of our parking lot on a hot summer day, a couple of days old (with the biblical cord still attached) barely clinging to life. How did she get there is still a mystery to us. Since we already own 2 cats at home and feed about 30-40 Street Cats on a daily basis, we brought her in to nurse and feed her with the intention of either finding her a loving home or returning her to the street where she would join the other Street Cats that we feed. After actually finding her an adopting family, Mochi-chan was returned to us the day after (the kid realized a little too late that a cat is NOT a hamster u_u). Alas, Mochi-chan was too cute to bare and so we were left with one choice, and that is — to keep her ^.^

To all my beloved subscribers:
I apologize for “spamming” you with these videos, but although this is truly for a good cause, I won’t deny that this might also bring my channel more views, which means more exposure and support to my work and me as an Artist and therefore more Animations for YOU the viewers. So please understand and spread. Thank you.

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